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For 20 years, here in MIGO Company, we build machines specifically tailored toward your factory needs; for 20 years we automate your manufacturing processes. Whether you just want to scratch this tiny itch regarding your production, or you have plans that will influence the essence of your whole factory… why not telling us about it?.

MIGO builds machines that have high automation level, whether as self-sustaining units or as a part of a production line. We automate and upgrade existing machines. We also provide repairing, maintenance, and relocation services… Always oriented toward specific client needs, we collaborate tightly with our clients in order to project unique solutions that will solve the given problem ideally. With a touch of pride we can claim that we never presented two identical solutions to two different customers.

The company was established in 1994. as a repair-and-maintenance service to printing companies. Even today, greatest numbers of our clients are companies from printing and converting industries. With time we expanded our activities, and today we can offer services and products in various technology fields:

  • motion control (servo drives, inverter drives, stepper motors...)
  • automation (PLC, microcontrolers, embedded computers, PC-based automation...)
  • human-machine interfaces (SCADA, operator panels, web-based interfaces...)
  • communication protocols (Modbus, Ethernet...)
  • pneumatics
  • elctrical-cabinet buildng
  • metal machining (turning, milling...)
Our clients come from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Austria: Hon-ing, Narodne Novine - tiskarstvo, Intis, Print centar, Prochaska formularmaschinen, ABB Hrvatska, CR impianti, RCM Adria etikete, Baltazar, Dexa trade...

        A rotary die-cutting machine with magnetic cylinder (more...)

A PLC cabinet during commissioning - automation
control and monitoring of a road tunnel      

        A Heidelberg CutStar unit reworked (elevated, narrowed...) to
        mechanically and electrically connect to a Speedmaster CD 74 machine.

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