CutStar cross-cutter reworked to fit smaller printing machines

A sheet-fed printing press might be equipped with a cross-cutter unit that cuts sheets from the roll-supplied web and then immediately hands these sheets over to the printing press in a timely manner. There are several benefits of such process:
- sheet feeding is more reliable, therefore less production interruptions
- paper in roll is cheaper than paper in sheets
- sheets can be cut different lengths (no need for large stock of different sheet lengths)

The Heidelberg's CutStar unit is one such high-quality cross-cutter machine. It however cannot be fitted to smaller printing presses... at least, not in its original form. However the machine can be reworked to match smaller machines and this is what we were asked to do and what we successfully implemented.

CutStar fitted to Heidelber Speedmaster XL 75-10
during commissioning
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